High PR Free Do Follow Directory Submission Websites

List of Free Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission Sites is the first step of making Backlinks in the off-page SEO process. Directory Submission Websites is the Best and most easiest way to create Backlinks Because in this you just have to visit the Free Directory Submission Websites and you will see the submit link or add site option on the top of their sites and after clicking the submit link or add site button you will see the Directory form in which you can fill the details of your website including title or categories. It helps to improve the creation and classification of a particular field. The submission of the directory helps to increase search results and page ranks.

Here is the list of High pr directory submission sites that will help you to increase your website ranking and traffic on the search engines.


How many types of Directory submission are there in SEO?

There are mainly two types of Directory Submission Sites

♦ Free Listing
♦ Paid Listing

In Free listing, the owner of the Directory Website will approve your link in some days or it may also take some months maybe 3-6 months for review time after that he will approve your link. This is the disadvantage of the Directory Submission because in some cases it will take 6 months to approve the link and in some cases, it will approve within 2-3 working days. In the paid listing, the owner of the Directory Submission Sites will approve your link within 24 hrs. Directory submission is a good technique of SEO to create good quality Backlinks.

Why Do Follow Directory Submission Sites is important?

Directory submission sites is still an important part of the off-page optimization of SEO. It helps you you make your website links to several other websites The aim of submitting directories is to increase the indexing of the website by gaining quality backlinks from the top web directories. Value Backlinks help maximize the chances of our search engine keyword ranking and increase traffic on the website, build domain authority and page ranks. Directory submission is the process of sending the link on your website for viewing on various web or web directories.

Free Directory Submission Websites for Backlinks

Making Free Directory Submission links is good from an SEO point of view but sometimes it takes time in some cases to get approval from the web directory owner and in the paid listing you will get approval within the hour or a day. Link submitted in the directory will be valid for one year or in many cases it will be submitted for a lifetime. Directory Submission sites help in indexing on google fast and building traffic to your website organically.It is the most easiest way to create directory submission link because in this you just have to fill up the form on the directory sites.

What are the Benefits of Making Free Directory Submission Websites Links ?

List of Directory Submission websites is used to create Backlinks for your website.

♦ It helps to get your website indexed on the search engines.

♦ It gives you high quality Backlinks.

♦ It helps you to get permanent listing on the directory sites.

♦ It Increase the popularity of your site.

Is Directory Submission Backlinks Still effective For SEO ?

Yes Directory submission Backlinks is still efective to build quality links from the top authority directory sites.Directory submission Backlinks helps you to make quick indexing on the google.”Directory submission” is a technique for website optimization which should be overlooked by no site owner. Directory in SEO is the method of uploading our website URLs for development of backlinks in various directories or web folders. Backlinks for increasing the ranking of search engines are used.Directory submission is one of the most effective way to gain attention of the search engines and obtain popularity of the website.Submission of directories helps a website to get quality backlinks.

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